​​A "barber school" or "school of barbering" means an operation, place or establishment of whatsoever kind or form, in or through which persons are trained or taught the practice of barbering.

School Curriculum

A student shall receive at least 1,500 hours in practice work and lectures based on the following courses of study:

  • Instruments- 30 hours
  • Shaving instructions- 100 hours
  • Haircutting for men, women and children- 935 hours
  • Shampooing- 40 hours
  • Permanent waving- 40 hours
  • Hair coloring- 40 hours
  • Hair straightening and relaxing- 40 hours
  • Massaging- 35 hours
  • Scalp and skin diseases- 20 hours
  • Physiology and anatomy of the head, face and neck- 100 hours
  • Sterilization and sanitation- 40 hours
  • Hygiene- 10 hours
  • Bacteriology-20 hours
  • Electricity- 10 hours
  • Pharmacology- 20 hours
  • Psychology- 10 hours
  • History, Professional ethics and other information- 10 hours

Each one of these sections is broken down further.  Click the link below to see the complete break down.
201 KAR 14:090 School curriculum​

Yearly Examination Results​

The following spreadsheet contains the results for the Apprentice Examinations.
2022/23 results include ALL exams taken. Apprentice/Barber/Instructor Pass/Fail rate, with a further breakdown by school for Apprentice Exams. 

   2018 Recap.pdf2018 Recap.pdf    2019 Recap.pdf2019 Recap.pdf    2020 Recap.pdf2020 Recap.pdf2021 Recap.pdf ​2022 Recap.pdf    2023 Recap.pdf