Barber Shops

A "Barber Shop" is any establishment of whatsoever kind in which the practice of "barbering" is conducted for the general public or for consideration.

Renewal Information

Every license issued by the Board of Barbering expires on July 1st each year. The cost to renew each license is $50. You can start renewing your licenses beginning June 1st. All licenses must be completely filled out and postmarked by July 1st to avoid a $25 late fee. Click on one of the links below to see a sample of how to fill out your application.


If you need a duplicate renewal application, please click the link below or call the Board office and we will gladly send you one.

       Shop Renewal Form.pdf

Opening a New Barber Shop

All new shops and all shops moving to a new location shall notify the Board office at least 5 (five) days before opening. The planned opening date must be indicated on the new shop application, which must also contain the appropriate state plumbing inspector's signature. Upon receiving the new shop application, fee and verifying that all information is correct our office will send an inspector to the new shop or new location.
Please plan you opening allowing for this time.

You may contact the State Plumbing Inspector at you local county health department. The completed application must be notarized and have the bottom portion signed by the State Plumbing Inspector. A  $100 licensing fee must be paid by either a money order or certified check with the application. (Personal checks are not accepted as payment for a new shop fee.) Please mail your completed new shop application and fee to the Kentucky Board of Barbering, 312 Whittington Parkway Suite 110, Louisville, KY 40222.

Remember you can not open a business to serve the public until you are properly licensed. Please note that you must have a current barber license before your shop can be licensed. You are also required to have the proper sterilization and sanitation. If you have any questions or need further assistance, you may call the Board office:​ 502-429-7148.

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Statutes & Regulations for Barber Shops


Renew Your License

Online renewals ended July 1.

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