A "barber" is any person who engages in the practice of "barbering" for the public generally or for consideration.

"Barbering" is the practice upon the human neck and head, principally of shaving or trimming the beard or cutting the hair but includes also:

  • Giving facial and scalp massage or treatments with oils, creams, lotions or other preparations, either by hand or any contrivance;
  • Singeing, shampooing, pressing, arranging, dressing or dyeing the hair or applying hair tonics;
  • and Applying to the neck or head cosmetics, lotions, powders, oils, clays or other preparations.

Becoming a Barber

Once you have completed your 6 continuous months of working as a Probationary Barber you are then eligible to take the barber exam.  This exam is the same as the Probationary Barber Exam with the following exceptions.

  • There is not a written exam
  • Your practical exam is 1 hour and 10 minutes instead of 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • You only have to do one of the following: a permanent wave, apply straightener or coloring.  The Board will tell you which chemical application you will need to do.  You will not know in advance so be prepared to do all three.
  • You have the option of leaving a mustache as long as it does not extend beyond the corners of the mouth.​

Renewal Information

​Every license that can be renewed by the Board of Barbering expires on July 1st each year.  The cost to renew each license is $50.  You can start renewing your licenses beginning June 1st.  All applications must be completely filled out and postmarked by July 1st to avoid a $25 late fee. Click on one of the links below to see a sample of how to fill out your application.


If you need a duplicate application, please click below or call the Board office and we will gladly send you one.

​​​​​Duplicate renewal application

Renew Your License

Online renewals ended July 1.

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