Apprentice Barbers

The Board shall issue a license to act as a The Board shall issue a license to act as a Apprentice Barber to any person who:

  • is at least seventeen and one-half (17-1/2) years of age
  • is of good moral character and temperate habit
  • has graduated from high school or earned a G.E.D.
  • has completed 1500 hours of school
  • has graduated from an accredited or licensed school of barbering
  • has satisfactorily passed the examination prescribed by the barber board.

Once an Apprentice Barber License is Obtained

Once you have successfully passed your Apprentice Barber exam, and have a shop to work in, you may purchase your Apprentice Barber license (Clock begins here, not the day you take your test). You will begin a 6 month apprenticeship period. During this period you are required to work 6 continuous months with no break in service. Towards the end of your 6 month apprenticeship, the Board office will send you a letter and a barber exam application letting you know testing dates available. (If for any reason you have changed residence
since you began your apprenticeship, you must notify the office of the change of address).On the back of the application there is a section that you must fill out verifying you have completed the 6 month period. Be sure that you fill this section out completely. You must put a complete date, month, day and year in both the From and the To blanks. Be sure that you DO NOT write to "present". The Board office verifies that you have worked the entire 6 month period prior to being scheduled for the barber exam. You may take your Barber exam between your sixth and ninth month, however, you must test by the ninth month because your apprentice license will expire, and you will not be eligible to work in a shop.

If for any reason your fail to test by the ninth month, your apprentice license must be current in order to test for your Barber exam. To reestablish your license you may extend it for ONE month by paying a $50 fee and writing a letter addressed to the Board of Barbering stating why you were unable to test in the allotted time. Should you for any reason not attend that exam, you must renew your Apprentice License ($50) ​restart, and complete your 6 month apprenticeship and test on the day your Apprentice License expires. ​




Apprentice Barbers