Independent Contract Owner

A "Independent Contract Owner" means any barber licensed who leases or rents space in a barber shop.  No apprentice to a barber shall be permitted to act as an independent contract owner.


Q:  I am a barber, how do I know if I need to purchase an Independent Contract Owner (ICO) License?
  If you are leasing or renting space in a shop and you are not the owner, and the owner is NOT paying your taxes you will need to purchase an ICO License.

Q:  As an apprentice do I need to purchase an ICO License?
  According to KRS 317.410 (7), no apprentice to a barber shall be permitted to act as an ICO.  An apprentice needs to be under constant supervision therefore they are not independent.

Q:  If I change shops do I need to purchase another ICO License?
  No, you will only need to purchase one $50 ICO License per year. However, an application needs to be completed and mailed to the Board Office indicating the change in shop(s).

Q:  Is the ICO License a one time fee?
  No, it is to be renewed every June along with your barber license.

Q:  What do I need to do if I work in more than one shop?
  If you lease or rent space at more than one shop where the owner doesn't pay your taxes you will only have to buy one (1) ICO License.  However you will have to fill out ICO License application(s) for each additional shop(s). Mail these to the board office and we will send you an additional ICO License.  These must be posted at the shop(s).

Q:  How long do I have to purchase the ICO License?
  You have 10 calendar days from the day you began leasing or renting space in the barber shop to send in the application and fee. 

Q:  What are shop owners responsibilities regarding the ICO License?
  To have blank ICO Applications on hand for any new person who starts to lease/rent space in your shop.  To make sure that the application gets to our office within 10 calendar days of when a new barber begins leasing or renting space in your shop.

Q:  Why would a shop owner want to see that the ICO License is purchased?
  As a shop owner you are responsible for each barber in your shop.  By making sure an ICO License is purchased, it frees you from the responsibility of any violation the barber may have.